Nor. Cal Cast

Samson Snowden  (Bodhi) A Bay Area native originally from Santa Cruz CA. Into long walks on the beach, coors lights, and clogging. Over the years Snowden has made himself known in both the visual and performing art scene, with a degree in fine arts (painting) he also finds the stage and camera as a medium of expression.

Christi Waldon (PA) is so grateful to have such a wonderful family of Point Break Live! and Terminator Too: Judgment Play!  And happy to be blessed by such a loving & supportive family in Texas.  Spends time studying the funny at the Groundlings here in L.A.  Some of her favorite productions include her newest comedic show Size Matters which she cowrites and produces; acting in The Worst GenerationThe Captain & Me, The Hitchhiker, and The Narrow Gate.  She would like to thank her friends and family for their endless support and love.

James Cotner (Pappas) would like to thank everyone who has supported him through the years on his creative journey. He lives for film, music and performance.

Thomas Blake (Roach) is a real life surfer from Wrightsville Beach, NC. He has been with PBL! since 2007 (with a little break in between) as not only Roach but also directing and producing the show. He started acting on stage at an early age in NC. He studied at HB Studios in NYC.  He has roles on many projects coming out in the next year including Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, The third chapter of the Divergent Series, and the Two Gun Kid in Magnificent 7 with Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt. Other favorite stage credits include, Andy Warhol in “Andy and Edie”, Ichabod Crane in “Sleepy Hollow”. TV- “Medium”, “Off The Map”“Numbers”, “NCIS”, “Rockville”, Dawson’s Creek”,”The Worst Generation”. Film- Cabin Fever 2, The Passing, Creating Discourse and He also directs and writes things(Terminator Too Judgment Play come see it!) and is the proud owner of “On the Fly Productions”. He would like to thank his friends, family, and the wonderful cast and crew of PBL! (AKA the Federales) for making his job so fun. www.thomasblakejr.com

Sharon Rylander (Kathryn Bigelow) was part of the original SF PBL! cast for its entire 2+ year sold out run. She wrapped the show feeling deeply relieved that no one died from the complex action plot or sued her for not being the real Oscar-winning director. Curiously, her addiction to the PBL! love remains stronger than either of these fears. In the interim, her favorite stage projects included Breakfast Fight Club (yes, it was that good), Twilight Zone Festival (most notably as Rod Serling kissing bald heads in the audience), plus multiple years in the SF Improv Fest. Her current troupe, RadioStar Improv, has >200 audio episodes on iTunes. TV/Film credits include a bunch of stuff you've probably never heard of but that she's proud of anyway. And you can catch her latest project, a new dramatic web series pilot, here: HUSH The Series.

John Moeslien (Grommet) Pittsburg native who didn’t know that he wanted to be an actor until stumbling upon an audition for Point Break Live! on Craigslist the first week that he moved to SF back in 2009. After he got the ‘bug” John attend SF School of Film and upon graduation moved to Los Angeles where he now resides. In his short new acting career John has already managed to land multiple national commercials, and has had parts in over 20 films. He is super stoked to still be riding the wave that changed his life back in 09.

Luke Royer (Grommet/Roach u/s) is very happy to be here in Los Angeles with you all tonight. Luke has a degree in Philosophy and hard knocks. Just kidding. He doesn't always knock really hard. Luke just said hard in his bio.  Luke trained in hard acting and hard improvisation. Thank you for coming to the show!!

Calli Rickey (Tyler)

Chris Kelly (Harp)

Peter Illes (Surfer #2)