Q.Do you really pick Johnny Utah out of the audience each night?


        A.Actually no. The audience chooses him/her. Volunteers are asked up on stage and after a short audition, which includes a test of their physical prowess as well as their acting abilities. The audience decides who they want to star in the show by making the most noise via the KEANU WOAH-O-METER.


         Q.If its my friends birthday and I try to bribe you with gnarley waves and hot babes, can you make sure that he/she is chosen to play Utah on the night we come?


        A.Nope. Sorry. The audience has the final word. Whoever they make the most noise for is who will get the role. If not we’ll have more issues than a bank robbery gone awry.


         Q.Is it true that there will be fake blood, and water, and who knows whatever else shot on the crowd throughout the show?


        A.Yes indeed!!! That’s half the fun. There will be a lot of stuff flying around the crowd, but have no fear you will have the chance to pick up a SURVIVAL KIT when you come in the venue. Inside you will find a few things that are vital to keeping you alive, and dry, during this experience. The most important being a very fashionable poncho to protect you and your clothes.  It is highly recommended that you DO NOT WEAR EXPENSIVE CLOTHES to the show. We can not be responsible for any of your belongings or clothes that get damaged. If you get the poncho you will leave fairly unscathed, but just leave the fancy duds in the closet for this dude. Its too wild for that stuff anyway!!


         Q.Can I book out a private show for special events?


        A.Of course. We can bring the show to you wherever you please, or you can rent out the entire show at our venue. Our venues have many options for open bar packages, and can cater to all of your needs. Whether it is an office party, a bachelor  party, or you’re just really rich and want the whole show to yourself, Point Break Live is guaranteed to be the most talked about event since G’nR’ hit the Sunset Strip . For more info email booking@pointbreaksf.com


         Q. Is there a discount for large groups?

          A.For parties of 20 or more we do offer a group rate. Please inquire for further details info@pointbreaksf.com.