Be an Ex-Prez

“Hello, hello, hello, ladies and gentleman. We are the Ex-presidents, all we need is a few moments  of your time and we are gone.”

                                                                  - Bodhi

Join the Ex-presidents

So times are hard, you’re broke, and you can’t come up with the dough to come see Point Break Live! Well, here is a way you can. Join the Ex-Presidents(AKA PBL!’s Street Team) Its pretty simple to do, it doesn’t take that much time, and you get lots of free swag, plus access to a lot of PBL! top secret information. Here’s how it works. We get you together with other Ex-presidents and cast members of PBL!, and you hit the streets for three hours of PBL! promotion. That may include passing out flyers, hanging up posters, going to bars and talking up the show, whatever we can do to help spread the word. In return you get 2 free tickets to PBL!, and a tee shirt! Plus, you get to hang with the cast, probably smoke a bong or two with Pappas, and be in the know about PBL! special events, including insider info on celebrity appearances!! You can do it as many times as you like, for the 2 tickets... but we ain’t giving you all of our shirts! So, sign up today, and become an Ex-president!  Email streetteam@pointbreakla.com, include your name, phone number, and a short love letter to Bodhi in the email.  “The little hand says its time to rock-n-roll!”